"Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation. And I aspire to make these innovations to mould this world as a better place to live in. "

As a researcher, my research interest lies in the field of Computer vision. I'm fascinated by the idea of giving machines human like visual capabilities. Currently I'm a PhD student at University of Leeds with Dr. Raul Fuentes and Prof. David Hogg, working on Observation Learning in Robotics.



  • Dec 2018: Presented my work at the weekly robotics seminar at School of computing, Uni of Leeds
  • Oct 2018: Presented poster at ESMRDO, IROS Workshop 2018
  • Dec 2017: Passed first year PhD transfer
  • Oct 2017: Completed Coursera machine learning course by Andrew Ng
  • June 2017: Our works demonstrated at Resilient Infrastructure Challenge [Video]
  • June 2017: Delivered a talk on 'Introductionto Deep learning' [Slides]
  • June 2017: Our works on BBC
  • April 2017: Selected to attend DLSS and RLSS 2017 (summer schools) held at Universityof Montreal, Canada
  • Mar 2017: One paper accepted to ISARC 2017
  • Dec 2017: Presented my work at the PGR conference in School of civil engg, Uni of Leeds
  • Oct 2016: Started PhD at University of Leeds